Aretha Franklin

Happy Hours / musique / 27/02/2020

Playlist de l’émission
Aretha Franklin: Won’t Be Long;Love Is The Only Thing
Big Daddy G:Big Berry
Carl Smith:Johnny Machine
Johnny Hallyday:Killy Watch
Les Cousins:Killy Watch
Gene Allison:Hey Hey I Love You
Priscilla Bowman:A Rockin’ Good Way
The Rockin’ R S:Mustang
Buddy Johnson:One More Time
The Country Lads:I Ask Her
Conway Twitty:Long Black Train
Richie Deran:Little Willie
Vernon Garrett:We The People Of The Ghetto
Avon And The Rave On’s:Honey Honey Honey
Ferel Duncan:Flying Saucers Rockets
The Treniers:Flip Our Wings
Susan Santos:Feeling Good
Ghost Hounds:We Rock Hard
Eddie Vineyard:Bo Beep Rock
Jessie Lee King:Rock And Roll Over
Aretha Franklin-Respect

Diffusion jeudi 27 février 2020 - 19h00
Rediffusion dimanche 1er mars 2020 - 18h00

Animation G.Viols
Réalisation C.Mével