Hommage à Sleepy Labeef

Happy Hours / musique / 23/01/2020

Playlist de l’émission

Sleepy Labeef -I’m Through

Sleepy Labeef - All The Time

Sleepy Labeef - Boogie Woogie Country Girl

Sleepy Labeef - Fast Boogie

Sleepy Labeef - Ghost Ride In The Sky

Sleepy Labeef - Strange Thing Happening

Sleepy Labeef - Hillbilly Guitar Boogie

Sleepy Labeef - Treate Me Like A Dog

Sleepy Labeef - Hello Josephine

Tinsey Ellis - Last One To Know

Johnny Halliday - Shake The Hand Of A Fool

Titus Turner - Shake The Hand Of A Fool

Billy Branch - Boom Boom Out Of To The Lights

Little Walter - Fast Boogie

Lorraine Allison - The Hut Cames Back Again

Lorraine Allison - You Are Easy On My Mind

Martha High - Stop,Get Of My back

Luke McDaniel - Daddy O’ Rock

Ray Scott - Boppin Wigwah Boogie

Ray Scott - You Drive Me Crazy

Diffusion jeudi 23 janvier 2020 - 19h00
Rediffusion dimanche  26 janvier 2020 - 18h00

Animation G.Viols
Réalisation Rongemaille