Happy Hours #17 - Polly O Keary

Happy Hours / musique / 19/09/2019

Play List

Polly O’ Keary - Red Light

 Poly O’ Keary - It’s My Soul

Spencer Wiggins - The Kind Of Woman That I Got No Heart

Marty Robbins - That’s All Right

Elvis Presley - That’s All Right Mamma

Lucky Marcell - Crazy Lil’ Mama

Johnny Halliday - Johnny Reviens

Chuck Berry - Johnny Be Good

Paul Winley - My Confession

Bobby Rush - Bobby Rush Shuffle

Don Covay - Hand Jive Workhout

Mel Peeckaboo - If You Don’t Rock

Judy Layne - Hard Readen Woman

Joe Tzx - Anoyhrt Man’s A Woman

Winonie Harris - Rock Me Blues

Dave p moore Rainin’ In The Delta

Freddie Fingers Lee - Baby Doll

Jerry Lee Lewis - Johnny Be Good

Diffusion jeudi 19 septembre - 19h00
Rediffusion dimanche 22 septembre 2019 - 18h00

Animation G. Viols
Réalisation B. Bertrand