Happy hour #1

Happy Hours / musique / 24/01/2019

Happy Hour Playlist:
Lindsay Beaver-Dangerous-Touch As Love(Alligator)
Lindsay Beaver -let’s Rock-Touch As Love(Alligator)
Bill Haley-Rock The Joint-Biggest Hits(Universal)*Chris Powell-Rock The Joint-Classics 1949-1952(Classics)
Aretha franklin-Think-Thinl(Atlantic)
Betty Lavette-Thingd Have Changed-Things Have Changed(Verve)
Gaye Adegbaloba--Nothin’s Changed-Grio(Verve)
The Saffire-Middle Aged Boogie-The Uppity Women(Alligator)
Johnny Haliday-Souvenirs,Souvenirs-Souvenirs,Souvenirs(Vogue)
Barbara Evans-Souvenirs(RCA)
Nellie Tiger Travis-Higher Ground
Ruby Ann-Do Right mama-Mama’s Back(Rhythm Bomb)
Teddy Bunn-King Porter Stomp-1929-1940(Document)
Brian Setzer-Jump Jive And Wail-The Dirty Boogie(Interscope)
Jerry Lee Lewis-Crazy Arms-Jerry Lee lewis(Sun)
Benny Turner,Crash McCall-It’s A Man Down There-It’s A Man Down There(Nola Blies)

Diffusion jeudi 24 janvier 2019 - 18h30
Rediffusion dimanche 27 janvier 2019 - 18h00

Animation G.Viols
Réalisation B.Bertrand